Real Life Member Experiences

Joseph Muriithi, Member since 2000.
I had only been in this foreign land for two weeks and did not know  anyone. A tragedy occurred back home in Kenya and I believed that I would not be  able to go home to say goodbye to my father. KWA came to my assistance,  mobilizing the community and getting the assistance I needed. KWA is like my  parent.
Turning my back to KWA and the community would be like biting my own finger…

Joe Ngure Member since 1999.
KWA is great for students just arriving from Kenya and for families resettling from within the United States. Issues such as careers, investments, immigration and socializing are prominent.
The Association (KWA) reminds us that ‘no man is an island’ and also of our “Harambee” spirit in all projects.

Mary Kibet, member since 1998
I got in late on the registration, but KWA brought me up to speed on what I needed to do to become part of this forward-looking group. I have since contributed to various projects and enjoyed doing so. In essence, as one great leader asked, ‘do not ask what KWA can do for you, ask what you can do for KWA (yourself)

Donald Kwasa, member since 1993
I came to the States long ago and never have I seen this kind of unity among Kenyans. I believe that in situations where resources are particularly strained, as in the cases of new migrants and students, the needs of individuals can be best met when the community is active in rallying behind well conceived solutions.
This is what KWA affords its members. Yet it has an equally important role in sharing our East African culture with the general public at large and therefore takes on an ‘ambassadorial’ role for all Kenyans.

Susan Kariuki, member since 1999
We as members of KWA are hopeful that Kenyans from other states and cities will set up a chapter of KWA in their neighborhood. This will assist them reap the benefits of collectivism as we have experienced here in Saint Louis, Missouri.

Michael Ngugi, member since 2001
I arrived in Saint Louis, Missouri in 2001 and checked into a Motel on Natural Bridge near the airport. I then met a Kenyan at Fontbonne College who gave me a number to call. The KWA officials immediately sent an e-mail to the Kenyan Community about my situation and in this way I was immediately (24 hours) hooked up with a Kenyan host family (the Njau family). They have assisted
me settle down, and attain a job. Thank you to the Njaus, and ofcourse to the KWA Network.

Professor George Ndege, PhD., member since 2000
I have nothing but praise and admiration for this organization and its leadership. KWA is the beacon of hope, optimism and accomplishment. It is the pride of Kenyan community in the mid-west.  The leadership’s ability to mobilize membership through KWA’s extensive state of the art network system to meet
many and varied challenges is unparalleled.  In KWA, we are one.

And we take care of our own. Join KWA, participate in its
programs and activities, and “everything shall be added unto
you.” – After all UMOJA NI NGUVU