Board of Advisors

The KWA Board of Advisors comprises volunteer members nominated by members to serve on an on-going basis (minimum is one year renewable). As new situations and different needs have arisen over the past 20 years, the Board itself has adapted to assist Executive Officers in meeting those needs.

Board members play important, active role in the community and are to provide members with expertise in many different areas. By serving on standing committees, they are also able specific issues and provide direction for the entire organization.

2007 – 2012 Board of Advisors

Rev. Peter K. Wanyoike
Mr. Sebastian Gaitho
Mr. James Salamba
Mr. James Kamau
Mr. D. Mathai
Mr. Lawrence Waiyaki
Ms. Judy Githinji
Mr. J. Owuor
Ms. Julie Kinyanjui
Mr. George Mbote
Mr. Tony Gachie
Mr. E. K. Mbugua