KWA asks for any and all information on the terror attacks in Kenya

The attack on a Kenyan Mall, Westgate, “is a sign of cowardice and shame that continues to be the mainstay of terror groups worldwide.” Mr. Robinson Gichuhi, Chairman of the Association Board and Special Business Advisor, made this statement recently in a teleconference within the Kenya Diaspora that met to discuss ways and means to counter these “cowardly” acts.  Mr. Gichuhi echoed the words of other diaspora leaders who condemned the attack in the strongest possible terms.

The  barbaric attack that took place at the Westgate Mall causing a huge death toll and hundreds of injuries among shoppers, revelers and business owners, was claimed by Al-Shaabab explaining their brutal acts of murder and mayhem as motivated by revenge on Kenya for its role in the African Union intervention in Somalia.

Members within the Kenya Welfare Association has also expressed their deep sympathy sent condolences to the families of the victims and to the government and people of Kenya. Members also felt that the corruption within the Kenyan Immigration department may have aided some of the perpetrators, citing just how easy it is to acquire ‘fake’ but usable Kenyan passports and identity cards. “We need to revamp and secure out country and weed out official corruption”, lamented one member recently.

WANTED: Westgate attack Abdikadir Haret Mohamed alias Mohamed HussenWestgate attack Abdikadir Haret Mohamed alias Mohamed Hussen released by ATPU on September 13, 2013. Police have placed a reward of half a million shillings to anyone with information that will lead to his arrest. Photo/DENISH OCHIENG

In its effort to bring to justice, Kenyan authorities have released the photographs of 2 suspects that are wanted for questioning on the Westgate attack. The government is offering Kshs 500,000/- (US $6.000) for information leading to the arrest of the two suspects. Members in the USA with close ties to anyone that might have information on these and other perpetrators and organizers of terror attacks, are asked to contact any officer of the Kenya Welfare Association who will liaison with the Kenyan Government and take the necessary steps to have any persons of interest apprehended. The best number to call in such a case is +1.636.344.0023.

To read more on the info request, see:–/-/1056/2021656/-/64edojz/-/index.html


The leaders of the Kenya Welfare Association are concerned about the present of AL Shabaab recruiters in the Minnesota area.  Any information leading to the arrest of would be such trainers and recruiters is badly needed by Kenyan authorities and members are asked to forward any information they have acquire as they converse with Kenyans in the Minnesota area.



Press Releases from other diaspora organizations point to shock and dismay. “Kenyans living in the Diaspora are dismayed by the growing unprovoked acts of terrorism targeting the safety and security of innocent Kenyans. Groups claiming responsibility for the senseless violence that seeks to disrupt Kenya’s tranquility put forward unsupportable grievances against the government and people of Kenya”, once such press release asserted. “We are increasingly alarmed by the growing threats to security posed by such armed militia groups roaming the region to unleash dastardly acts of terror on peace-loving populations. These groups take pleasure in challenging our national security forces. Concerted action must be brought to bear in order to restore confidence and tranquility” the leadership of one such diaspora organization added.



All diaspora organizations call for any and all information that could bring the perpetrators, organizers, financiers and sponsors of the reprehensible act of terrorism to justice. “We urge all Kenyans to cooperate with the government by providing information that will lead to stumping out the threat of terrorism from taking root and denying Kenyans their peace.”

Kenyans lose a real hero

In death as in life, conservationist and Nobel Laureate Wangari Maathai was a phenomenon, a fact confirmed by the glowing tributes in her honour on Saturday.

She was the “champion”, a “national heroine”, “remarkable”, “true friend” and “a true trailblazer” in the words of the speakers at her state funeral that lasted just over an hour.

President Kibaki led the mourners that included top government officials, diplomats, heads of international organisations, religious and business leaders to the funeral.

Prof Maathai’s body was later cremated on Saturday.

The love and respect the 2004 Nobel Peace Prize winner commanded in life was replayed in the tributes with the select band of speakers calling on Kenyans to carry on with the work she started.

“The best way we can honour her is to carry on the great work she started especially in the fields of environmental conservation, social justice, human rights and democracy,” President Kibaki said in his tribute.

The same line was echoed by other speakers.

They included Prime Minister Raila Odinga and Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka, Norwegian Ambassador to Kenya Per Ludvig Magnus who spoke on behalf of the diplomatic corps, former UN-Habitat executive director Anna Tibaijuka and Director-General, United Nations Office at Nairobi Sahle-Work Zewde.

Dr Tibaijuka also represented Tanzania President Jakaya Kikwete and Ms Zewde UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon.

The state funeral was held at Uhuru Park’s Freedom Corner, the very grounds Prof Maathai led mothers of political prisoners in a protest to demand the release of their sons.

It is also at the Freedom Corner that Prof Maathai had one of her bitterest battles with retired President Moi when she single-handedly fought off attempts to construct a 60-storey edifice by the Kenya times Media Trust (KTMT).

KTMT was associated with the former ruling party Kanu.

President Kibaki referred to Prof Maathai as a “national heroine” who did not shy away from speaking out on what was socially just and democratic.

“We recall, with gratitude, her active participation in the agitation for political reforms in the country and her exemplary performance as a Member of Parliament for Tetu Constituency and as assistant minister in my government in the ministry of Environment, Natural resources and Wildlife,” the President said.

The President said Prof Maathai had served the nation selflessly, with great courage and tenacity. Through her concern for the plight of rural women, she initiated environmental conservation programmes that eventually set in motion the birth of the Green Belt Movement.